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Welcome to Teddy Bear Pre-Primary School

TEDDY BEAR Pre-Primary School & Day Care serves children from two through five years of age. Our goal is to prepare your child as he/she begins the journey that will eventually lead him/her into primary school and beyond as a successful lifelong learner.

We will educate your child (socially, academically, physically and emotionally) in a way that makes learning fun and prepares him/her for success in life. We encourage you to explore our web site, contact us and come visit to see for yourself why Teddy Bear is such an exciting and special place!


Welcome to Teddy Bear PPS

A warm welcome from Teddy Bear
Pre-Primary School. Please feel
free to get in touch with us.

Pictures & Videos

See some pictures and videos of Teddy Bear's pupils in their learning environment.

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Pre-registration FAQ

Can I pre-register my child although he is less than 2 years old?
Yes, the earlier the better to secure a seat.

We are expecting a child in few months, can we pre-register?
Yes you can. Once your request is accepted, you will become a member of Teddy Bear Club and you will beneficiate many online resources that will help you in the proper upbringing of your child.

My child is presently going to another pre-school. I want to move him to Teddy Bear. Can I use the pre-registration route?
Yes, however we will consider these types of request on a case by case basis.

Is there any payment to be done with the online pre-registration?
There is no payment when you make the request. Only when a seat is allocated, there is a minimal fee.

How long does it take to get a reply after I have completed the online pre-registration?
Normally it takes one week. In rare cases it can take two.

Can I pre-register a child although I am not the mother or father of the child?
Yes, as long as you can later demonstrate that you have the consent of the child's parents.

I do not have an email address. Can I still pre-register my child?
Yes, you can. However having an email address gives you many other advantages once your request has been accepted.

I do not want to send my child to school immediately after the pre-registration. Can I still pre-register?
Yes, with pre-registration you are only securing a seat for your child. You just have to let us know in which academic year you want your child to join Teddy Bear.

If you have any other question not covered above, please click here to send us a query.