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TEDDY BEAR Pre-Primary School & Day Care serves children from two through five years of age. Our goal is to prepare your child as he/she begins the journey that will eventually lead him/her into primary school and beyond as a successful lifelong learner. We will educate your child (socially, academically, physically and emotionally) in a way that makes learning fun and prepares him/her for success in life.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure 'THE SOUND DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CHILD'

We do this by:

Our Core Values

At Teddy Bear we believe in:

School History & Value creation

Teddy Bear Pre-Primary School was inaugurated in November 2004. It welcomed its first batch of students two months later in January 2005. Since then Teddy Bear Pre-Primary School has continuously developed into a modern school offering the best level of services to its valued customers. Today the Teddy Bear is a name in this field of Pre-Primary Education and is known as one of the best pre-primary school in the region.

Teddy Bear has, since its creation, limited its number of student so as to offer the best environment to each and every student coming to the school, whether in terms of school space area or student / teacher ratio.

Since 2005, the management of the school has implemented a curriculum that fully meets the requirements prescribed by the Ministry of Education and other relevant authorities. The programme has been designed so that they are also in line with the expectations of parents. Continuously, the school has been investing in its program by acquiring new equipment, materials, and textbooks.

In 2006 the school has setup a dedicated computer room, in addition to existing computers available in the classrooms. It has also added to its programme, a new subject - Introduction to computer studies. Through this programme, students are familiarised with the different parts of a computer such as monitor, mouse, keyboard and CPU, and are taught on how to, properly use a computer and apply the basic safety measures. Additionally through play and other educational software, students use the computers during the learning of other subjects, such as mathematics, languages (English and French), Science, Art and Social studies. They practice drawing and colouring of shapes and pictures, learning and constructing words and basic sentences, and counting numbers.

In 2007, the school had organised a memorable event - an Open Day. Students' close relatives (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc) and the general public have had the opportunity to visit the school premises where they have been able to appreciate the creative works of our students.

In January 2009, the school has increased its surface area so as to give even more physical space to the kids. A new and fully furnished day care section has been added to the existing building area. This unit is dedicated to those less than 3 years, where they can live fantastic experiences together with their dedicated and qualified teachers.

Last but not least, in November 2009, the school has launched its website. This allows parents to directly access information about their child, such as their progress and can communicate with the school administration and teachers at a time convenient to them just by logging in their username and personal password. At the same time, other parents who wish to know more about our School have a complementary way of obtaining information and can even perform registration for their kids using our online facility.

School Curriculum

The curriculum revolves around weekly and monthly themes. These themes are integrated in the different activities conducted throughout the year. The themes and activities function as building blocks in the areas of language development, pre-reading, problem solving skills, science and early math. Their applications and outcomes are closely monitored to ensure they fulfil all the needs of our students and will prepare them for future challenges in life and be ready to move on to primary level education.

Teddy Bear Pre-Primary school offers a dedicated and loving atmosphere which parents find safe and comforting. Parents are encouraged to participate in various school activities such as birthdays, programs, educational trips, parents' meetings and social gatherings. This approach helps to foster team spirit, which in turn creates a real sense of belonging to the Teddy Bear family both for the parents and their kids. This family concept is one of the fundamental pillars contributing to the proper development of each and every child of Teddy Bear and which also contributes to make Teddy Bear Pre-Primary school a preferred educational institution among parents.

The curriculum also includes child-initiated activities along with the teacher-directed activities. Different approaches are used to facilitate the understanding of concepts such as; Religion, math, language arts, and social studies. The teachers also incorporate the use of visual aids, giant books, puppet shows and story telling to reinforce comprehension in all subject areas. The class layout has been setup to include learning/play corners. Theses corners consists of a Reading, Block, Dramatic Play, Art and Manipulative area, which serve as a foundation for social interaction and decision making. Interwoven within the curriculum is science activity. This activity develops tactile discrimination, predicting outcomes and mathematical concepts. Children are also provided with manipulative objects such as games, puzzles and play-dough. Additionally the school work-time also consists of cutting, gluing and art to improve thinking and fine motor skills development. Physical Education is a daily activity at Teddy Bear. Outdoor play is provided daily allowing students to practice gross motor skills along with eye-hand coordination. Teddy Bear Pre-Primary school outdoor play area includes playground, swings, see-saw, slide, climbers, sand corner and water corner. These games help to improve student's physical growth and maturation.

Teddy Bear Pre-Primary school curriculum expectation in mathematics constructs a foundation for the development of formal mathematical thinking. The curriculums developed during the preschool years include counting, recognizing, and understanding the concepts of numbers. These concepts are taught through play and games by means of one to one correspondence, sequencing, sorting, patterns, visual tracking and problem solving. Students are also taught the days, months, and seasons of the year through music, art, books and worksheets. The curriculum introduces them to basic shapes and colours. They learn to recognize circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, oval, by means of flash cards, visual aides, games, art and music. The basic colours of red, blue, yellow, green, orange, brown, green, blue, pink, yellow, purple, white and black are integrated daily throughout the curriculum.

Language and literacy occupy an important place in our curriculum. At Teddy Bear we provide meaningful language and literacy experiences for children during every part of the daily routine. Since speaking listening, reading, and writing develop together, all these activities are promoted in our programmes.

Recent Major Project

Teddy Bear Pre-Primary School continues to grow into a Centre of Excellence for pre-primary education. In line with this objective, Teddy Bear's strives to offer more and more value to its cherished students and their esteemed parents. One of the biggest recent projects concerns the complete covering of the school playground and entrance area. This project benefits our students in the following ways: Click here to view the achievement