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What Our Parents Have To Say ...

Tushal & Bhavish

Tushar & Bhavish's Parents

"My two sons have attended Teddy Bear Pre-primary school and I can say that if you are looking for a warm and nurturing environment as your child's first school experience, Teddy Bear is the right place for you! Your child will learn important life skills such as making friends, sharing and respect for others, as well as the necessary academic subjects that will prepare him for a smooth transition to primary school. Each of my children came to school with very different personalities and needs, and they BLOSSOMED with the positive and respectful ways the teachers instruct each child. Not only do my children have wonderful memories of Teddy Bear, but each received a great foundation for learning and transitioned to primary school successfully. Teddy Bear is good for the whole family. You will love it!"

Prakash Seegolam, Bissessur Lane, Camp De Masque

Sanjeev K Cowlessur & Family

Thavanesh's Parents

"My son has been at the school for two years. I have seen a marked improvement in his learning, communication and social skills. The teachers and staff are caring, dedicated and hardworking. They are very committed and passionate with the children. The school is very clean and tidy. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this school to any parent."

Sanjeev K Cowlessur, Morcellement Beeharry, Flacq

Afrin and her Parents

Afrin's Parents

"Le nom de l'école Teddy Bear évoque des gros câlins. Ma fille a appris beaucoup de choses durant ses deux ans et demi et elle a eue beaucoup des câlins aussi. Avant de l'envoyer dans cette école, j'ai visitée cinq écoles et aujourd'hui je peux dire que j'ai bien fait en choisissant Teddy Bear pour ma fille. La maitresse est une perle et elle est gentille. Ses collègues ne sont pas moins. Elles savent comment s'occuper des enfants avec tendresse et amour. Elles veillent à leurs moindres désirs et besoins. Elles leurs montrent de bonnes manières. Quand j'aurai un autre enfant, bien sur que c'est là-bas que je vais l'envoyer. Je suis très satisfaite de cette école. Je les remercie beaucoup"

La maman d'Afrin, Bonne Mère

Mavish's parents

Mavish's parents

"The pre-primary level is that stage which prepares a child for his academic years ahead and here, I would like to thank the director and teachers of "Teddy Bear Pre-Primary School" for the great work on the continuation of development of the existing knowledge and skills and initiation of the new generation. It is only for one year that my son had been there and I can say that he had acquired a lot of skills. It is really amazing to see that one day my little son can read and write. Thank you so much for the tender and loving care you have given to Mavish. You looked after my child as your own and this impresses me so much. Last but not the least, I strongly recommend all parents to send their son/daughter to this school and trust me at the end you will be happy."

Tiran Nuckchady, Ecroignard, Central Flacq

Girisha's parents

Girisha's parents

"We selected Teddy Bear School for our daughter Girisha in the year 2008 after visiting all the pre-primary schools in Flacq. Teddy Bear School has been everything we wanted and expected an excellent education in small classes, individual attention to our kid's needs, opportunities to try new things in a safe environment, and a community of parents. Now, as we watch our daughter grow in this environment, we are particularly gratified by the dedication and commitment of the school-in-charge, Mrs Sunita and her collegues to the well-being of each child. We pray for her success in this endeavour to build Mauritius with cultured citizens."

Mrs. Kaleshma Dewnundun, Pointe Aux Feuilles

Yagna and Srishti's Parents

"I wish to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for the excellent work carried out so far at Teddy Bear Pre-Primary school. The staff consist of a team of qualified, dedicated, caring and experienced teachers catering for the specific needs of each individual child during these vital formative years. The school has succeeded in instilling a love for learning in children through play-centered approach whereby a fully integrated pre-school programme is implemented and a high standard of education is maintained. The main focus of the school remains, to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for the overall development of each child."

Mrs. S.Ramgulam, St Anne, Flacq

Jitika's mother

"It feels like it all happened yesterday. I can still remember the first day when I dropped my sweet daughter Jitika at Teddy Bear My School. I was a little anxious knowing the reserved character of my kid. But soon all my worries disappeared seeing the gradual holistic development of my child, all thanks to the efficient, caring and friendly teachers of Teddy Bear. My daughter received so much love and affection from everyone at school that indeed, going to school every morning for her was like leaving one home to go to another.

Teddy Bear is a wonderful resourced school creating a stimulating learning environment for the children.

The school manager vision does not limit to the extent of providing quality education but transform the children into responsible human beings of tomorrow by teaching them good manners, values and social skills.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jitika over the past 3 years and preparing her for primary school and for life.

My best wishes to the manager who is always innovating and renovating for the betterment of the children."

Mrs V.Gopaulall, Quatre Soeurs